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When Your Keyless Entry System Locks You Out!

When Your Keyless Entry System Locks You Out!

A keyless entry system is one of the major benefits modern car security systems offer. While this system is convenient, there are some inherent problems. What if the keyless entry system locks you out? This can happen if the system stops working for any reason.

A keyless entry system would have a fob with electronics in it. It is this fob that controls the keyless entry to the car. If the fob fails for any reason, you are locked out of the car. This situation can become dangerous if your child or pet is locked inside the car. In case you ever find yourself in such a situation, don’t be scared! There are ways of getting access to your car even if the keyless entry system fails.

Problems with the key fob

Before getting into how to get access to the car, it is important to understand why the fob would fail. The following are some of the reasons why the key fob may fail:

  1. Battery dead: A common reason for the fob failing is when the battery dies. The solution for this is simple – just change the battery!
  2. Problem with unlock button: You need to use the unlock button to gain access to the car. If this button stops working, you are in trouble. In such a case, you need to replace the fob.
  3. Weak signal: The key fob may have a weak signal due to a wiring problem or a problem with the antenna. In this situation, the door won’t open. Bring the fob near the door and try – it may work.
  4. The car battery is dead: If the car battery is dead, all the electrical systems stop. Replacing the car battery is the solution in this case.
  5. Lost code: A code is used by some fobs to communicate with the system in the car. Sometimes, an electronics fault can cause the code to be lost. If this happens, the fob has to be reprogrammed.

How to gain access to the vehicle?

For any of the reasons above, it is possible that you lose access to the vehicle. When the fob fails, keyless entry becomes impossible. As a result, you cannot open the door. If you are involved in such a situation, don’t panic! There are some options available that you can try out. The following are some tips to help you gain access to the car:

  • Generally, whenever you get a keyless entry system, you would be given a spare key. This is the time when the spare key comes into play. Use the spare key to open the car door and gain access to the system. In most cases, this will solve your problem.
  • There is another trick that can be very helpful when your fob fails. Most car fobs would have a hidden key within them. This can be helpful in gaining access to the car when the fob fails. Look for a catch or a small button on the fob. Pressing this would open a hidden compartment in the fob. This may contain a key for accessing your car. The keyhole in the car would be located below the car handle. Use the key to open the door and regain access to your car. If your fob has this hidden key, it is a great option to help you in this kind of situation.
  • If neither of the above two is possible, then the solution is to go to a locksmith. Find a professional locksmith near you. Locksmiths nowadays don’t just make door locks. They can even make car keys and program fobs. Find a good locksmith and use their services. Even if the fob has failed, they can gain access to the car. They can also solve your fob problems and even replace the fob. This will help solve your problem in an effective way.

Finding a locksmith

When you face problems with your keyless entry system, you may require the services of a reliable and trusted locksmith. You can get in touch with us today to get the best services. Whatever is the problem you are facing with your key fob, we can diagnose and fix it for you.

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