How Much Does It Cost To Get A Car Key Programmed?

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The cost of car key programming can vary depending on the type of vehicle and the model. When having a locksmith program a car key it is important to understand that the total price has in it several factors and include a service charge, the key fob, the programming and in some cases a car lockout service as well.

Service Fee

Automotive locksmith usually charge a service fee between $20-$45 to come to your location and assess the situation. This fee is to compensate the technician for their time travel and estimate.

Key Fob

Customers can bring their own car key fob or acquire it from the locksmith at the time of service. The price of the Fob depends on the type of vehicle and the model.

Key Programming & Duplication

Key programming typically starts around $80 and can go up depending on how advanced your car systems is. 

Different types of car fob keys operate in different ways for example new smart keys contain encrypted signals which require sophisticated equipment and expertise than an older remote control model from early 2000.

Can I Program my Car Keys by Myself?

Programming car keys by yourself is possible but it requires specific tools, skills and knowledge. The process usually involves purchasing a blank fob key that compatible with your car and using a key programmer to link the key to your car computer system. 

The programming process may change depending on the make and model of your car for example some vehicles might need special software and unique key programmer in order to connect to car computer system. 

If you insist to DIY it is highly recommended to research the web about your specific car model and follow detailed instructions to ensure success. Keep in mind that some advanced keys especially those with high security features might require professional assistance to program.

What is the cheapest way to get a key programmed?

The most cost effective option is to use a local automotive locksmith. Locksmiths usually have more competitive pricing than dealerships for car key programming services. 

Another economical approach is to purchase a blank key online and then have it cut and programmed by a locksmith. 

Some hardware stores offer key programming services at lower rates than dealerships too. We recommend to compare prices from 5 different sources to find the most affordable solution.