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If you are stucked in “sticky” situation unable to get in your own house or car in Chicago metro area , We can definitely help you. Chicago Safe & lock company that provides locksmith services for people in trouble. Call us right now and we will send our locksmith to you to fix any problem fast! With our company you do not need to worry about your locks, Our masters highly skilled specialists and they know their job.

You can always be sure that our experts will carry out the procedure of any job at the highest level. Our reputation is very important thing for us! Our pro’s will always be able to assist you 24 hours.

Chicago Safe & Lock

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Why you should call us?

The most expensive thing in your live is time. So don’t waste it trying to get inside locked apartment or in your car. Call us and we will send help immediately for small price.

There is no unsolvable problems to our professionals. Our team know exactly what to do and how it should be done. So you can fully trust us.

You are in a hurry and unable to get inside your car or apartment? Not a big deal! Just call us right now and we will help you fast so you can have time for anything you’ve planned!

Don’t hesitate to call us even in night. If you need our help we can provide you with it at any time. Don’t worry we are open 24/7.

Annie L. Hazel Crest

Amir, Chicago Safe & Lock technician is definitely one of the best in Chicago!!! Great service and excellent price! Amir went above and beyond to help us, unlocked our home and did not damage the door lock! Very professional!!! Thumbs up all the way !!!

Matt D. Forest View

I would highly recommend Chicago Safe & Lock for your locks and keys needs! I recently moved in to a new house and while changing the locks myself I got locked out. Amir came out and fixed it! Punctual and professional he picked the lock in seconds! I will definitely be using him in the future.

Sean T. Dolton

I saw Chicago Safe & Lock van driving and write down their number. Called them for a new car key and got a very reasonable quote. Rami came to see me at my office and programmed me a new key in less than 10 minutes. Reliable and very convenient, I would recommend and definitely use them again.

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