Why Do You Need A Car Alarms On Your Vehicle?

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Installing an alarm system on your car is highly recommended and can absolutely protect it from theft and vandalism. 

Even if your car comes with a built in basic alarm system straight from the factory it is not always good enough to keep away intruders who may be looking to take advantage of what you have inside your car or the car itself. 

Installing an advanced car alarm system provides extra security and peace of mind for anyone wishing to keep their vehicle safe and secure.

How Do Car Alarms Work?

Car alarm is security system installed in vehicles in order to deter theft or vandalism. It consist of several components such as a loud siren, sensors that detect unauthorized entry or movement and a remote control unit. 

When the sensors detect an interference like a broken window or forced contact they trigger the alarm. The loud noise draws attention and and deter the person who did it. Some systems can also send alerts to the owner smartphone.

Why Is It Necessary To Secure Your Vehicle?

Securing your vehicle is important for several reasons and can help to protect against theft, here are the main benefits of having a car security system installed:

Deterrent to Thieves

The most obvious benefit of car security systems is their ability to deter potential thieves. The presence of an alarm system can make a car a less attractive target for theft

Protection of Valuable Items Inside the Car

Car security systems not only protect the vehicle itself but also the valuables inside such as electronic devices, personal items and any other belongings.

Lower Insurance Premiums

Many insurance companies offer lower premiums to car owners who have installed security systems as these vehicles are considered a lower risk for theft.

Vehicle Recovery

Modern security systems often include tracking devices which can help locate a stolen vehicle and increase the chances of recovery.

Increases Resale Value

A car equipped with a high quality security system can have a higher resale value as it is an added feature that potential buyers might look for.

Peace of Mind

Knowing that your vehicle is protected by a security system provides mental comfort especially when parking in unfamiliar or high crime rate areas.

Can thieves bypass car alarms?

Car thieves have become more and more sophisticated in their methods to bypass car alarms. Modern car alarms are designed to be a deterrent by making loud noises when triggered. 

Experienced thieves have great knowledge about these systems and make use of advanced techniques to disarm them. 

Some common methods include using signal jamming device to block the alarm signal or employing a code grabbing device to intercept and duplicate the remote key fob signal. 

Some car thieves may have knowledge of specific to disable the alarm system without triggering it. In addition to technological methods thieves sometimes just go to smash and grab tactics, break your car window steal as many items as possible and run away before the alarm attracts attention.

Available Car Security Systems

There are quite few options available when upgrading your car security system. Car alarms are the popular option as they often come preinstalled in newer model cars. 

Passive alarms arm automatically once all doors are shut and ignition turned off while active alarms require manually pressing a button on your car remote in order to activate them. 

Some drivers find that these systems are not enough against experienced thieves and install additional measures such as GPS trackers and OBD trackers to provide added protection by tracking the car location in the event of theft. 

Immobilizing anti theft devices are another way to secure your car that can stop thieves from starting the engine.

Car alarm systems are highly recommended to protect your vehicle and deterring theft. Adding more than one level of protection such as advanced option like GPS trackers can make it very hard even on experienced thieves from breaking i to your car providing peace of mind and improved vehicle safety.