Key Fob Replacement Should You Use A Dealership Or A Locksmith?

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When you need to replace your car fob key, you may find yourself in a bind. Normally, people assume that replacing a key fob requires going to the dealership. But, there is an alternative—hiring a locksmith to get the job done for you quickly and affordably. Here’s why you should consider going with the latter when it comes to replacing your key fob.

Don’t Pay Exorbitant Prices

Your probably pay more than you should when you get your car fob key replacement from the dealer. It’s no secret that dealerships are notorious for charging excessive prices for key fobs. In many cases, you can end up paying more than double what an independent locksmith would charge for the same kind of service. The reason behind this is because dealerships know that customers who need emergency support will often agree to pay whatever it takes to get back into their vehicles as soon as possible.

Can You Get a Cheap Key Fob Replacement?

Although getting a “cheap” key fob replacement isn’t easy, it is possible to pay less than what dealerships are typically charging if you go through an independent locksmith instead. This is because locksmiths have access to parts like circuitry and batteries at wholesale prices which allows them to give you better discounts on your replacements and reprogramming services on all major makes and models of cars. Plus, with experienced professionals handling the job, you can rest assured knowing that your new key fob will be of top-notch quality and work perfectly fine with your car again in no time.