Why You Should Rekey Your House?

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Rekeying your house is an important way to make sure the safety of you and your loved ones as well as the security of all your valuable possessions. 

By rekeying your locks you can guarantee that you and only you have access to your home and no one else.

There are several reasons why it’s important to rekey your house, keep on reading to find out more.

Better Security

Rekey your locks ensures that any old key which may have been lost, stolen or copied is no longer provide access to your home. This increase the overall security of your property.

Recently Moved

If you’ve just moved into a new home rekey is highly recommended as previous owners, realtors or others might still have keys and can enter your home. Rekey eliminates this risk.

After a Break In

If your home has been broken into rekeying your locks should be a priority. This ensures that any keys that may have been duplicated by the intruder are rendered useless.

Key Control

If you’re uncertain who has a copy of your home keys for example like after lending keys to service provider or perhaps a neighbor rekeying helps regain control over who can access your home.

Damage Lock

Over time locks can wear out and become less effective. When rekeying a lock as part of improving your home security can help also maintain the integrity of the lock.


If you have multiple locks in your home and want them all to work with a single key rekeying can provide this convenience without the need to replace all the lock hardware.

Tenant Moving Out

For rental property owners rekeying locks between tenants is definitely the best solution for ensuring the safety and privacy of new tenants.

Personal Safety

If you’re going through a change in personal relationships like breaking up or getting a divorce and you’re concerned about your personal safety rekey can provide the peace of mind you need at that tough moments.

Cost Effective

Rekey is way more affordable than replacing all the locks in your home and still providing an effective security upgrade.