Do Locked Car Doors Make Rescue After A Car Accident More Difficult?

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Have you ever thought that locking your car doors while you are driving could make it harder for you to get rescued if you are involved in an accident? This is an issue that deserves serious attention because it could affect your ability to get life saving medical attention when you really need it.

How Bad Is The Accident?

This is the main point of the whole issue and how severe the accident is will help to decide how much rescuing you will need and how big the role of a locked doors plays in preventing you from getting immediate help.

Minor Car Accidents

In minor accidents you probably won’t need immediate medical attention so locked doors slowing down your rescuers won’t matter as much and there is a good chance that someone in the car will be able to unlock the doors.

Major Car Accidents

In major accidents you want to allow rescuers to get to everyone in the car out as quickly as possible so the appropriate medical team may take care of them as quickly as possible. 

In this situation locked car doors may slow down the rescue attempts but to be honest cars that involved in major accidents tend to be pretty wrecked and destroyed so locked doors probably aren’t going to make that much of a difference. 

If the doors are wrecked then the locks won’t matter much and the fire fighters will cut them to overcome a locked door.

Experts Dismiss Concerns About Locked Doors Slowing Down Accident Rescues

The truth is that there is a good chance that locked doors will make rescue after an accident more difficult but this short delay is not significant because of the reason that modern rescue teams are equipped with special cutting tools and they are highly trained to quickly bypass locked doors in emergency situations

Experts highlight the importance of balancing safety and accessibility and by establish the fact noting that well designed emergency response plans can effectively mitigate any issues related to locked doors in accident rescues.