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Returning To Your Car Safely Late At Night

Returning To Your Car Safely Late At Night

Violent crime can happen anytime, anywhere. However, there are steps you can take to stack the odds in your favor to avoid becoming one of the thousands of people who fall victim to assault, robbery and other crimes each year. Purchasing a remote car lock is a highly effective method of improving your personal safety or that of someone you love.

Parking lots and car decks are prime targets for criminals. Law enforcement agencies have identified parking lots as a frequent location for property crimes and violent crime. The layout of parking lots often makes individuals vulnerable as they walk to their vehicles, particularly late at night. It is relatively easy for criminals to hide among the other vehicles, waiting for a victim to rob or assault.

Remote car locks can allow you to quickly access your vehicle, limiting your vulnerability in parking lots and street fronts. Also known as keyless entry systems, these devices were developed in the 80s, but did not become widely popular until the early 2000s as they became more affordable.

Keyless entry systems allow car owners to remotely lock and unlock their vehicle by means of a remote control device, typically a key fob. The chief convenience of this is that it allows the user to lock and unlock the vehicle without having to find the proper car key and manually insert it into the car lock. Also, the sound made by the locking and unlocking of the vehicle and the flashing headlights can help the owner easily locate it in a dimly lit or crowded parking lot. Some remote car lock systems also have options that allow you to start the vehicle using the remote as well.

In an emergency situation, quick access to your vehicle can make all the difference between a successful escape or a tragedy. When in a potentially dangerous situation, the last thing you want to do is waste valuable time fumbling for your keys. Installing a remote car lock in your vehicle can help improve your odds of quickly and safely getting out of dangerous situations.

Even if you aren’t in immediate danger, having quick access to your vehicle will help you breathe a little easier late at night when you’re making your way back to your vehicle in dark parking lots or street fronts. This peace of mind is well worth the investment in a keyless entry system.

Locksmith companies can often install remote car lock systems for a relatively inexpensive price, depending on the make and model of your vehicle. When having a keyless entry system installed by a locksmith, be sure that you’re doing business with a company that is properly licensed and insured. Also inquire about the keyless entry products they sell and their experience in dealing with installing these systems.

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