Returning To Your Car Safely Late At Night

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As the day turns to night and darkness falls we consider our safety more carefully especially when it comes to getting back to our car.

Crime rate statistics show that parking lots are common targets for thieves which make people more vulnerable as they walk to their cars late at night when it’s absolutely dark outside. By taking advantage the hiding spots between parked cars thieves can easily wait until someone passes by and attack them.

What are the best safety measures for walking to your car alone at night?

When walking to your car alone at night in a parking lot be aware, open your eyes and be prepared the unexpected.

Take out your car key and hold it in your hand in advance to avoid unnecessary delay. Keep your phone handy for emergencies but avoid distractions like texting.

Walk confidently and look around for any unusual activity and if the parking lot has a security guard, don’t hesitate to ask him to escort you to your car.

Check the interior of your car especially the back seat before entering and once you get inside lock the doors immediately and leave the area without a delay.

What are effective self defense tools that can be useful while walking back to your car at night?

Self defense tools can be helpful when you walk back to your car at night. You can a Stun Gun or a pepper spray for your protection against a attacker.

A small flashlight not only helps navigate through dark areas but can also be used to confuse and blind a potential attacker.

Basic self defense training are highly recommended regardless to this specific subject and focusing on how to break free from holds can boost your self confidence.

Staying aware of your surroundings and avoiding distractions like headphones or smartphone is absolutely important.

Can technology such as mobile apps help in ensuring a safe return to your car late at night?

Today’s advance technology including mobile apps and security devices that offers significant assistance in ensuring safety when returning to your car. Mobile safety apps can send location to trusted contacts.

GPS trackers in cars can help locate your vehicle in large parking areas. Smart key fobs enable unlocking your car and start your engine from a distance.

Personal security devices such as wearable panic buttons can discreetly alert authorities in case of an emergency and Dash Camera for cars can show you your car surrounding on your smartphone screen before you even get there.