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What Professional Equipment Do Locksmiths Use?

What Professional Equipment Do Locksmiths Use?

Locksmith tools have you ever called out for the help of a locksmith and actually watched him or her perform the task of changing a lock or picking a lock? If so, then you were likely amazed by the technical and precise process of it all.

In addition, you may have found yourself wondering about the different tools that the locksmith used, what they are called, and how they work. Whether you ever plan on becoming a locksmith someday or are simply curious to learn, reading this article will give you a great overview of the different types of professional locksmith equipment that exist and what each of them are used for.

Before learning about the specific tools that a locksmith uses, however, it is a good idea to know more about the professional itself. Most people do not realize it, but locksmiths have to go through rigorous training and pass a very intense certification exam. Therefore, learning how to work as a locksmith is not something that can happen overnight, nor is it something that can be simply picked up on the job.

Of course, locksmiths’ skills develop and improve over time as they run into different challenges on the job. However, all of the basics are typically learned in training classes before the locksmith lands a job in the field.

Perhaps the most important set of tools that any locksmith uses on a regular basis is known as the lock pick set. This set typically includes key turners, manual picks, lever picks, and tension wrenches. These are all tools commonly needed in order to successfully pick a lock. Of the tools in this set, the key turner is probably the most important and most commonly used.

This specific tool has a number of different prongs, known as turners, that can conform to the turners on any lock to open it. Essentially, a key turner can be used to mimic a key when there is not one actually available for use.

In terms of locksmith tools, there are also some that must be used when the above set of lock picking tools does not work. These tools are typically more destructive, but are used to get the job done anyway. These can include anything from cylinder crackers to a manual pick gun, which actually has a trigger that must be pulled in order to bust a lock.

The above tools are extremely effective in not only picking locks, but can also be used as a groundwork to make new keys for existing locks or to simply change a lock altogether. It is important to note that there are strict laws in place in the United States regarding who is allowed to own a lock pick set or any of the other tools used by a locksmith in Tampa on a regular basis.

All owners of these sets must be licensed and certified to ensure that not just anybody can go around picking locks. Of course, even if somebody who was not certified were to somehow get access to a lock pick set, it would be very difficult to use the tools correctly without any kind of training or experience. The tools are designed this way for security reasons.

As you can see, there are many different tools used by a professional locksmith on a daily basis, and he or she must be well-trained and comfortable with using these tools in order to successfully perform their jobs. So the next time you have to call out the help of a locksmith in your area, maybe you will have a better appreciation for what he or she does.

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