What Professional Equipment Do Locksmiths Use?

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Being a locksmith is no easy feat – it takes a great deal of knowledge, skill, and precision to do the job correctly. While anyone can change a lock or pick a lock, doing so as a professional requires the use of precise tools and equipment that are specifically designed for this purpose. From key turners to manual pick guns, let’s take a look at what professional locksmiths use in order to get the job done.

Becoming A Professional Locksmith

To become an experienced and certified locksmith, one must undergo rigorous training and pass an intense certification exam. After successfully achieving certification, experience is gained by tackling different challenges on the job. Many of the basics are learned in training classes prior to becoming employed in the field.

Lock Pick Set

The most important set of tools used by any professional locksmith is known as a lock pick set. This comprises multiple tools including key turners, lever picks, manual picks, and tension wrenches – all which are necessary when picking a lock. Of these tools, the key turner is arguably most important and commonly used due to its ability to mimic a key via its many prongs – known as turners – that are able to conform to any type of lock.

Other Tools

Unfortunately there are times when even the best lock picking tools might not work – this is where other tools become necessary. These tend to be more destructive but still effective for getting the job done such as cylinder crackers or manual pick guns which have triggers that can bust open locks if pulled correctly. These types of tools can also be used for creating new keys or simply changing out an existing lock altogether.

Legal Restrictions

In order for someone to own any kind of lock pick set or other related tools used by locksmiths on a daily basis, they must first be licensed and certified according to US laws which ensure that only qualified individuals have access to these items. Even with unauthorized access, it would be very difficult for someone who isn’t trained or experienced enough to correctly use these tools which is why they were designed with security measures in mind from the start.

As you can see from above, being able to perform tasks associated with being a professional locksmith takes an immense amount of training and knowledge in order to know how best to utilize specialized equipment in order get each job done right – from picking locks through creating new keys and changing out existing ones too!