Does My Car Insurance Cover a Locksmith?

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Car insurance policies vary widely an there are some plans that include locksmith service coverage. This coverage is often included in situations where a driver is locked out of his vehicle and the insurance may cover the cost of a locksmith to unlock the car. 

These insurance policies have also conditions and limitations for example there may be a limit on the amount that the insurance company will pay and the policyholder might be required to pay a deductible. 

It is highly recommended to check your specific insurance details as locksmith service coverage can be an optional add on and not a standard feature. Always read the fine print and ask your insurance provider for detailed information.

Does car insurance cover locksmith damage?

Many comprehensive car insurance policies offer coverage for damages caused by a locksmith while attempting to unlock it, repair locks, repair ignition switch or replace keys. 

The coverage typically falls under the “vandalism” or “accidental damage” section in the policy. It’s very important to check the terms and conditions of your insurance policy as coverage can change based on the insurance provider and the level of insurance you have purchased. 

Some policies may require an additional rider or endorsement for this type of coverage. Always contact your insurance provider for clarification on what is covered under your policy.

What is key replacement cover in car insurance?

Key replacement cover in car insurance is an add on feature that provides financial protection against the cost of replacing lost or stolen car keys. This feature cover all the expenses when getting a new set of keys including the cost of the key itself, the locksmith’s charges and even the reprogramming of electronic key fobs. 

We highly recommend to add this feature to your policy for the given fact of the high cost of modern car keys which can include advanced security features. Again the coverage limits and terms can vary between insurance providers so it is important to read and check your specific policy to understand the extent of the coverage provided.