What You Need To Know About Eviction Locksmiths

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When it comes to the stressful situation of evicting a tenant, having a neutral third party to help with the eviction process can be extremely beneficial. In particular, an eviction locksmith may be necessary in cases where a sheriff eviction lockout is necessary. Eviction locksmiths are experienced in assisting landlords with their key control and access rights for a property after a tenant has been evicted. When it comes to residential and commercial evictions, different services may be warranted which is why it is important to call the appropriate locksmith for your building.

Residential Eviction

Residential eviction locksmiths are experienced in getting back into locked apartments or homes and rekeying/changing the locks as needed. They will also have the ability and experience to unlock chain locks, keyless entry systems, and high-security locks that may have been installed by a problematic tenant.

Commercial Eviction

When it comes to commercial evictions, this requires more expertise than residential evictions due to the complexity of such buildings. Commercial locksmiths need specialized knowledge when dealing with electronic systems that are hardwired into a building’s electrical system as well as understanding how complex master key systems work. A commercial locksmith should be consulted before taking any risks that could compromise future tenants’ security within the building.

Eviction Locksmith Services

Eviction locksmith services usually involve gaining access to property, changing or rekeying door locks, changing mailbox locks, and removing padlocks that were left behind by an evicted tenant.

Gaining access to property is important if an evicted tenant has changed their house or apartment lock after they have been removed from the premise.

Changing or rekeying door locks is essential for ensuring future tenants’ safety from any possible duplicated keys made by past ones while also providing cost-effective options such as rekeying instead of outright replacing all of them completely.

Additionally, mailbox locks should also be changed so that former tenants cannot access packages sent to residents in the home after they are gone from there premises.

Finally, if any padlocks were left behind during eviction proceedings these should also be removed either with bolt cutters or an angle grinder by qualified professionals who know how to handle such matters safely and promptly without causing further damage or delay in the matter at hand.