Are Your Windows Compliant With New Safety Rules?

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March 13th, 2018 marked the deadline for having your window locks updated to comply with new safety standards. Don’t worry if you’ve missed that date because it is never to late to to get things in order. The best solution is to contact a certified locksmith as soon as possible as they are able to assess your existing windows locks and if necessary replace them with compliant safety locks.

What are the safety standards for windows?

The new safety standards for windows focus on better protection and reducing risks particularly for children and include these standards:

Fall Prevention

Prevention of falls from windows especially for children, This includes requirements for window guards or bars for windows above a certain height.

Tempered Glass

The use of tempered or safety glass in windows near doors, bathtubs, showers and in areas where injury from broken glass is more likely.

Emergency Exit

Windows in bedrooms and other sleeping areas must be of a size and design that allows them to be used as emergency exits.

Lead Paint Safety

For older homes there are strict guidelines regarding the existence of lead paint around windows which can be dangerous especially during renovation or repair.

Window Locks

The use of locks and opening control devices that limit how far a window can prevent falls and still can be easily disengaged by an adult in case of an emergency.

Installation and Maintenance

Paying attention on proper installation according to manufacturer guidelines and keep regular maintenance checks for damage.

How can I make my window more secure?

In order to upgrade your windows security we recommend on installing sturdy locks especially on ground floor windows. 

  • Adding security film to the windows glass or installing window bars can deter intruders and prevent break ins. 
  • Check windows for vulnerability such as weak frames or loose hinges and repair them immediately. 
  • Install motion sensor lights outside to deter potential intruders. 
  • Keep your valuable items out of sight from windows and use curtains or blinds to blocks the view into your home.

Those new rules that went in on March 13 2018, are pretty tight and If you haven’t made the needed upgrades you could end up facing getting a fine. Putting it off isn’t a great idea and not just because of the fines but also because it could mean your property security isn’t good enough and can danger you or your loved ones.