The 3 Best Keyless Entry Systems Of 2022

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Most people are familiar with the traditional lock and key system, but if you’re seeking something different and more convenient then keyless entry systems may be just what you need. Affordable Lock and Security Solutions offers a variety of high-quality keyless entry solutions that come in a range of sizes, shapes, and types to fit any budget or requirement. Let’s take a look at three of the most popular keyless entry systems on the market today.

Combined Keypad and Keyless Locks

One of the simplest types of keyless entry system is one that combines both a keypad with a traditional lock. This type of system provides added security as it requires knowledge of the correct combination to unlock it, however they do lack one core feature – remote access. Users must always be physically present in order to unlock the system so this can be an issue if you’re looking for convenience as well as security.

Key Fob Entry Systems

Another popular type of keyless entry solution utilizes smart cards or fobs that allow users to unlock the system without needing a physical key. These can be great for larger businesses as administrators can easily onboard new employees by providing them with their own card or fob. Like combined keypad systems though these still need someone to be physically present when unlocking them so aren’t ideal for applications where remote access is required.

Smart Locks Keyless Entry Systems

The third most common type of keyless entry system is one that uses smart locks which offer much better convenience than either combined keypads or fobs thanks to their ability to be remotely accessed via wireless networks such as WiFi, Bluetooth, or Z-Wave.

Smart locks are incredibly flexible too as administrators can deactivate cards or restrict access quickly in cases where keys have been lost or stolen, something that would require significantly more time and manual labor with traditional systems. Plus they can also easily be integrated with security cameras and alarms for an added layer of defense against outside intruders.