Increase Your Car Security with a Door Lock Light

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Personal safety is something we are usually very concerned about we’ll walk with a buddy to our cars in large parking lots, we won’t go to certain neighborhoods after dark, and we’ll even install sophisticated lighting systems in our yards in order to deter thieves.

However, one place where we are incredibly vulnerable is right at our front door. Many men and women get attacked and assaulted by criminals right on their very doorstep because of one reason: they can’t see where the keyhole is at night and don’t have a light shining on the door’s lock. Instead of promptly entering the safety of their home, men and women waste precious time fumbling around trying to find the lock. It is during this fumbling that people are extremely vulnerable.

Get a door lock light installed!

The best way to resolve this problem is to either have a keychain with a small flashlight built in or to simply install a door lock light. The flashlight keychain might seem to be the better of the two ideas, but these devices are notoriously unreliable one minute they work and the next minute they don’t. Your safety is far too important, so it is best to get a door lock light installed.

 A lock light is a discreet device that can cost under $20 and is activated when the lock or lock’s keypad gets touched. Because the devices are battery powered, no wires are needed and installation is easy; in some cases door lock lights can be installed with double-sided adhesive tape.

If you live in Chicago, contact a locksmith who’ll be able to recommend a brand that will work best in your neighborhood’s conditions. For example, if you live in an area that receives a lot of rain or humidity, you’ll want a device that’s relatively waterproof.

 There are plenty of places to get door lock light devices, but if you want a product that comes highly recommended and will last a long time, get some advice from our locksmith. Get one installed as soon as possible so that you can eliminate the risk of being attacked at night on the doorsteps of your own home