Driver Door Lock is Stuck?

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vehicle locked is often the case that we need our cars for an emergency. Such is our reliance on cars that we expect them to meet our demands each time. Of course, we have paid for – and expect – reliability, but sometimes there can be problems. One of the most annoying is when the driver door lock becomes stuck, and you may be surprised how often this happens. It can be for many a reason, and is often down to simple wear and tear, but in some cases where sophisticated locking systems are involved it can be expensive to rectify.

If your car uses a conventional lock and key system the first thing to check is that the system does not simply need lubricating sometimes a little touch of lubricant spray can do the job. If this works you can breathe a sigh of relief if not, you may have a major problem. It is possible to remove the lock from the door and open it up this will reveal the tiny pegs and springs that enable the lock to perform. They are designed to drop into specific channels when the correct key is inserted, and only then can the lock operate.

If the pegs are broken or misplaced then they can stop the lock from working: this could be the cause of your jammed door lock. Removing the lock is relatively easy – assuming you can get into your car! It is best done by removing the door cards or covers and approaching the barrel of the lock from the rear. You will find it is secured by a retaining clip, but this should be easy to remove. Once done, you can slip the central barrel out and examine the interior.

However, during this delicate process you may misplace pegs, dislodge them or the springs may eject of their own accord, rendering the lock useless. Do you really want to risk destroying what may be a perfectly good lock? If you have an expert look at your lock you may find they can fix it in no time at all or, if it is damaged irreparably, replace it at little cost. A good locksmith will be able to assess the cause and solution of the problem quickly, and fix things for you as quickly as possible.

In summary, if your driver door lock is stuck then it pays to enlist the help of an expert. You may be able to fix it yourself but there is a risk that any attempts could simply worsen the problem – leaving you with an even bigger bill for repairs! It is therefore advisable to call on someone who knows what they are doing and can fix the problem quickly, safely and cost-effectively.